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  • Guys never give ladies (atomic) wedgies period and those who submit such material will get deleted.

  • No fetish shots or videos including self-wedgies or bond-wedgies, those who submit such meshuga will get deleted.


  • The mark in content must be 18+ including those who post.​


  • Make sure your mark is sport to get the atomic wedgie and not easily offended.


  • There's a difference between messing with your buddies and bullying (picking on the weak). This site in no way condones bullying but rather embraces tough love, roughhousing, camaraderie.

  • If you can't take it don't give it.

  • Disclaimer: is not liable for atomic wedgies given. We are solely the official site to post atomic wedgie humor. 

"Every Guy

  Gets Atomic   


      at Least           Once   

    in Their Lives     (sic)." 


            —Mike Mizanin




Real World/ Road Rules 
Inferno II
Season 10 Ep.10

What A Drag