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(O.B.W.) Operation Baseball Wedgie

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

We've all seen those movies where a guy hangs by his shorts off a fence and FAILS in real life.

But for a practical joke of this concept the baseball wins.

To pull this prank you'd advise two teammates (buddies) — and here's the catch — must have a chain-link fence in place found just about anywhere, here we're talking the baseball field.

This is the #baseball wedgie:

Teammate 1 stays put chucking his baseball up and down behind the backstop (chain link-fence) beside the dugout.

When the mark is around front of the backstop and the other 2 teammates are nearby, they talk him into leading him close to the backstop in the direction of teammate 1.

The two teammates then swiftly hoist the mark up in the air and reel his underwear (does not work with jockstraps) through one of the highest chain-link steel diamonds that teammate 1 snags. He sets his baseball into the underwear gives it a couple good twists and tucks it back into the mark's underwear. The two teammates then release the mark down slow.

The forces of physics working around a tough spherical baseball held by an opening in a chain-link fence won't rip the underpants easily and he'll hang upright against the backstop by a baseball till his pair rips or his buddies decide to help him back down.

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